Avoid These 10 Dirtiest Florida Beaches During Your Next Vacation

1) Garnier’s Beach Park                                                                         (1 of 10)

Garniers Beach Park

1) Garnier’s Beach Park                                                                          (1 of 10)


Florida is a popular vacation spot known for its beautiful weather and sandy white beaches. Unfortunately, not every beach in the Sunshine State is great for swimming, fishing, or boating. We’ve compiled a helpful list of the 10 dirtiest beaches in Florida so you know which spots to skip during your next trip.

Let’s start with Garnier’s Beach Park, which is located in the city of Fort Walton Beach, FL. We recommend staying very far away from this dirty beach, which ranks #1 on our list because it has the highest count of bacteria levels in the state. A whopping 83% of water samples taken from Garnier’s Beach Park ranked well above the national bacterial average in 2013. Some visitors still play on the playground or enjoy a picnic lunch, but you’re unlikely to find anybody swimming in the bacteria-ridden water.