8 Affordable & Exotic Vacation Destinations

1) Barcelona, Spain(1 of 8)

Barcelona, Spain

1) Barcelona, Spain(1 of 8)

If having a great time in Europe is on your list, make sure you don’t miss out Barcelona, Spain. This place is one of the most popular cities for both, tourists looking for an exotic getaway with a list of to-do things, and business travelers who travel for all kinds of exhibitions.

The scenic location of Barcelona is the main reason why you want to visit it this year. Located on the coast, the city not only offers a great city life full of activities but also miles of blue beaches stretching along the coastline. The beach is divided into five smaller beaches giving a more private and relaxing environment for its tourists. If you are fond of art, then Barcelona has a lot to offer you. Find cultural and artistic exhibitions throughout the year along with amazing museums and art galleries that will amaze you!