10 Things You Need To Know About The Kentucky Derby Before Going

1) The Dressing Guide For Ladies                  (1 of 10)


1) The Dressing Guide For Ladies                  (1 of 10)


At the Kentucky Derby, you will see ladies dressed up and down in formal attire, from heels, purses, short formal dresses, to fancy hats. It is a chance for the women to display the “fashionista” hiding inside them.

However, one word of advice for all the beautiful women attending the Kentucky Derby is to bring a pair of flat shoes with them. Most of the day, you will spend standing up or walking around.

You can wear heels, but when your feet start to give out on you, switch to flats. You should also know that the Kentucky Derby has several rules you need to follow such as not bringing a purse that is 12 inches or larger.

Please remember to wear a fancy and big hat, as you will regret it if you do not. The Kentucky Derby is all about the fancy hats.