Top 10 Most Picturesque Natural Lakes In The World

2) Five Flower Lake (2 of 10)

Five Flower Lake

2) Five Flower Lake (2 of 10)

The Five Flower Lake in the Jiuzhaigou Valley in China is definitely one of the most picturesque lakes in the world. It also goes by the name of Wuhuha Lake, and is just one of the many lakes that are found in the valley, which is full of colorful meadows, leaves and trees. The valley has an abundance of different colors, which are generally light yellow, dark green and blue, which is why the name of the lake is Five Flower Lake.

According to Chinese Legend, the lake is Holy, and was formed when the God of the mountain had shot and injured the holy deer that belonged to the King of the Forest. The holy deer fell and that is where the lake was formed. It seems strange, but then again, it is a legend.