Most Beautiful College Campuses In the U.S.

2) University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) (2 of 5)

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)

2) University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) (2 of 5)


The University of Michigan (many time referred to as simply Michigan) is a member of the Big Ten Conference. It is one of, if not the, top academic institution in the Big Ten. University of Michigan is known to be on the short list of top research institutions in the world. Its undergraduate and graduate programs excel in helping students get engineering degrees, social science degrees, and degrees in STEM field (stem-cell research).

Recently, the University of Michigan receives around 50,000 applicants per year for its undergrad degree programs. There is around a 30% acceptance rate. The average GPA out of high school is 3.5 or higher and the mid-level SAT score falls into a range of 2030-2250.

As of the 2015-2016 school year, the University of Michigan’s tuition is $13856/yr for state residents and $43476 /yr for out of state residents. Room and Board fees usually add up to around $10554 for a standard double room. Books and Supplies average around $1048 per academic year. If these costs are frightening, it may be helpful to know that University of Michigan offers extensive financial aid programs. In fact, 70% of Michigan resident undergrads and 50% of non-residents take advantage of the financial aid offered. Students have to reapply for financial aid every year at the University of Michigan.

University of Michigan’s main campus is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.   Ann Arbor is located 45 min west of Detroit, Michigan. Divided into four main areas: North, Medical, Central, and South, the campuses included more than 500 buildings. Central Campus is the home to the Literature, Science, and Arts degree programs as well as the Ross School of business, Law School, School of Dentistry, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. North campus happens to display a more modern architectural feel. It houses the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, College of Engineering, and the School of Music. The south campus consists of all the athletic facilities for the extensive University of Michigan athletic program. Some highlights on this side of campus are Michigan Stadium knowns as the Big House. It houses the largest crowd to watch a sporting event in the United States of America. The medical campus is home to University of Michigan hospital and a state of the art STEM research facility.