Most Beautiful College Campuses In the U.S.


1) Stanford University (1 of 5)

Stanford University

1) Stanford University (1 of 5)


The University of Stanford is an Ivy League School known to excel in Academics. Students seeking post-grad Medical Degrees and Law Degrees flock to the University if they have the test scores to be enrolled in the University. The undergrad Degrees the University is known for are Engineering Degrees, Social Science Degrees, Physical Science Degrees, and Computer Science Degrees, Information Sciences degrees, and Support Services Degrees.

The average academic tuition for an undergrad is roughly $46,000. The average Student Loan rate is rather low due to the university giving a ton of tuition grants and scholarships. Surprisingly, Stanford University is well below the average Student Loan debt of American colleges, which is above $30,000.

As seen in the pictures above, Stanford has a beautiful campus. Picture 1 is named The Clark Center and is an innovative architectural and interior design masterpiece. The Clark Center is a 3 story, 146,000 square foot architectural beauty. It opened in 2003 and houses labs for biology majors, neurology majors, as well as many others, but specializes in Bio Science Degrees. However, one would think that this would be an architectural degree or design degree building from looking at it. In this case, the science majors get to thank the architect majors.

Stanford University is located in Palo Alto California, which is just roughly 35 miles south of downtown San Francisco.

The acceptance rate for the University is currently at 5.05% as of 2015, class of 2019.   It is stated that only 11% of high school students with an ACT score of 32-34 are accepted, and only 9% of high school graduates are accepted with an SAT score of 2280 (on a 2400 scale). With a student to teacher ratio of an outstanding 4:1, and a graduation rate of 95%, we understand why this university is one of the toughest colleges in the U.S. to get into.


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