Most Beautiful Places To Visit In New Zealand


1) Waiheke Island In Auckland(1 of 10)

Waiheke Island In Auckland

1) Waiheke Island In Auckland (1 of 10)


Free spirit and artists particularly love Waiheke Island for its rich and blissful landscape. The unique thing about this is that it is surrounded by small wineries, beautiful beaches, and gastronomical treasures. When you are done strolling on the beaches and have had a considerable amount of fun at the wineries, you can start browsing through art galleries as well as craft stores situated at the Waiheke Arts Trail. After a fulfilling day, you can indulge in some exquisite food at the numerous cafes situated there.

You can get to the island by either a ferry or via air. There are scheduled ferry services that sail to and from the island and the trips take around 40 to 50 minutes. There is also an airport situated on the island and you can land there via an airplane or a helicopter.

If you are a fan of vineyards and wine, you will love it here. A few examples of local vineyards include Awaroa Vineyard, Destiny Bay Vineyards, Isola Estate, Goldwater Estate, Cable Bay Vineyards, and Batch Winery.


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